Designed for the conscious consumer and the benefit of the environment

Our catalog of environmentally innovative solutions continues to expand as more designers and manufacturers adopt a climate focus. Ready to deploy solutions to include:

Microgeneration Wind Turbines

Thrijv’s low-vibration, low-cost, scalable, fluttering turbines are works of kinetic art. They can be facade- or site-mounted, are hive-operable and internet-connected to provide energy generation in winds as low as 3mph.

Water Recycling Systems

In-home and community-scale, decentralized greywater recycling systems. This solution collects, treats and re-uses water from showers, baths, indoor gardens, washers and HVAC.

Smart Home Control Systems

AI-enabled, voice-controlled home automation and intelligence. Seamless smart home integration. Control lighting, air quality sensors, music, appliances and any other smart device, catering to user preference and habit recognition.

As well as self-regulating indoor gardens, solar roof and energy storage systems, greywater recapture distribution systems, and more.

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